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sebastiano pavia

snare guitars - Claudio Quartarone asked me to increase the volume of the acoustic guitars, so I combined the snare drums with broken guitar necks. they look like banjos, but only aesthetically, as the bridge is exactly in the center of the skin and is bigger and more powerful, sounds as if it were amplifieed! the snare ring resonates giving a light metallic natural reverb. the passive strings also resonate, increasing the reverb, I can be stuck with my hand or with a piece of cloth, giving the guitar two voices. the effect resembles that of the resonant pedal on the piano. depending on the depth of the snare, the string changes more or less the strings of the guitar. i have not tried the brass yet! 

tamburo maple snare 3,5",  classical 3/3  neck from first Claudio's guitar

snare 4,5", classical Eko neck

maple snare 3,5",  yamaha  f310 neck


Christian Torre, improvvisation

             no effects recording

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