sebastiano pavia

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sebastiano pavia

etnacaster 1, 2, 3. I just love the telecaster fender, so I've built a pair of them. 

etnacaster 2, wenge neck, drunk (200yr in wine cellar) etna's chestnut body. Pickup and all electronics prewired by di marzio, gotoh mechanics.  super heavy, 5,3kg. !

etnacaster 3, made for angelo sciuto. maple neck, fir tree body, drunk etna's 200yr chestnut top. hand crafted pickups in italy by alberto arcangeli (dreamsong), hand crafted electronics by rhoadhouse (gb), sound-station mechanics.

etnacaster 1, maple neck,  fir tree body. Pickup Tonerider and telecaster prewired corean electronics.  sound-station mechanics.


rosario furnari plays​ etnacaster 1 

fabio abate song, he

plays etnacaster 2 

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